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Live sound

Berliner Symphoniker 2016 New Year Concert In Kunming

On 30th Dec 2015, Berliner Symphoniker 2016 New Year concert was held at Kunming stadium. It was a stadium that such a concert held at. Berliner Symphoniker and AUDIOCENTER sent a wonderful new year gift for thousands of attendees in Kunming.


In order to satisfy such huge sound requirements and overcome complicated sound difficulties, the organizer invited famous tuner Mr. Song Duoduo and chose AUDIOCENTER as the complete sound solution for the concert. The system configuration is below:


Front Field:

PA system: 2pcs SW218 subwoofers stacks 3pcs IS12+ full-range speakers for each side, two sides;

Apron system: 2pcs IS6full-range speakers.

Compensation system: 2pcs IS8full-range speakers.



Back Field:

1pcs SW218 subwoofer stacks 2pcs IS8+ full-range speakers and 1pcs IS12+ full-range speaker.

Air Hanging:

2pcs IS8+ full-range speakers and 1pcs IS12+ full-range speaker for each side, two sides.




The conductor Bernhard Steiner walked to the stage, the concert officially began. Dozens of classical symphonies were on. It was really a compelling concert. “My ear is pregnant” said by a show-site audience.



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