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Live sound

The Czech Philharmonic 2016 New Year Concert in Guangzhou

On 1st Jan 2016, the Czech Philharmonic 2016 New Year Concert was grandly held at Guangdong Performing Arts Center Grand Theater in Guangzhou, which presented a wonderful music feast to more than 1200 audiences. AUDIOCENTER is the sole appointed audio brand for the concert, which powers the concert with the high quality professional audio systems.


AUDIOCENTER V-HLA12+MKII system was deployed as main PA system: 1pcs SW218 sub stacks 4pcs V-HLA12+ MKII speakers for each side, two sides at the first floor, while 2pcs V-HLA12+MKII were flied for each cluster, two clusters at the second floor. The monitor system adopted AUDIOCENTER IS12+ full range speakers: 4pcs at the front side of the stage and 2pcs at the left and right side respectively.



It was an unforgettable concert. The symphonis included the representative works from Czech, Russian and Germany. All attendees stood and applauded for the perfect show.


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